Schmeichel – Alteration EP on Defrostatica

Schmeichel represents a new generation of producers from Leipzig who like to tell personal stories with their music. He is processing and synthesizing elusive moments into sonic expansions that are unrivaled. Influenced by bass music of all kinds, footwork and juke from Chicago and breakbeat tracks from UK artist*s*, the former rock drummer became a live musician and explorer of deep electronica. From Defrostatica Records he received unconditional support for his dope tracks and found his unmistakably explorative and irresistible voice on his label debut Alteration EP.

Evidence is the suave overture of the 80/160 beats per minute EP. It evolves around a deep and grounded kick, filtered and vibrating pads into straying hi-hats and female vocals that breathe soul and are cheering at the same.

IKillWantU is a seven minute beast, with many hidden and interfering layers and elements like the dissected vocals, a distorted distant bass line and steady rimshot that guides through an intense trip.

With Talkin we reach the spiritual center of the EP, a wonky beat among a reminiscent and unshackling choir of male chants over a heavy sub bass.

Uhhhwheeee is optimistic and melancholic at the same time, only driven by Chicago bass kicks, hi-hats and rims accompanied by vocals that are woven into synths like only Schmeichel can do.

DoInIt marks the end of the EP with a determined message in the midst of another eerie slow shuffling beat. When the synth pad comes in the sun seem to rise again after a long night in the club.


A1 Schmeichel – Evidence
A2 Schmeichel – IKillWantU
B1 Schmeichel – Talkin
B2 Schmeichel – Uhhhwheeee
B3 Schmeichel – DoinIt