Norwegian artist Niilas unveils his debut LP ‘Also This Will Change’ on his self-titled imprint

Norwegian artist Niilas is to self release his stunning debut album ‘Also This Will Change’ this autumn. The 11 track work is a 50 minute journey into his uniquely eclectic and emotional musical universe.

Niilas makes bass-oriented beats with melancholic undertones, with a soft spot for glittery details and blending of genres that have made him one of Norway’s most interesting electronic producers.

‘Also This Will Change’ represents a new path for Niilas. Colorful, fun, bouncy and emotional, the whole record has influences from UK club music, as well as drawing on his own introspective feelings and indigenous sami roots. “The title points towards a focus on the everlasting movements of the universe,” he explains, “and is a reminder for all of us, that this year is almost over, and indeed, also this will change.”

The record kicks off with the majestic ‘My Heavenly’ which is an uplifting and melodic piece with rich arps and glowing pads. The heavenly feelings continue on ‘What U Want’, which marries clean and bright synths with a rugged minimal rhythm. There is a freeform jazz nature to the fantastic keys and lively drum work of ‘Chaga’ before ‘Verdens Finste’ sinks you into a world of refracted melody and jittery beats, with soaring pads making for a classy celestial mood.

This constantly uplifting and richly layered album goes on to take in more paired back and shuffling rhythmic depths on ‘Texture Works’ and haunting broken beats on ‘A Child Under The Table’ that is built on a skeletal rhythm and lit up with off-grid chords. The gorgeous ‘Amygdala Interlude’ is soothing and cleansing for the brain and after that, ‘Mesa’ provides a gloriously wide open sound with lurching drums and expansive pads underpinned by a killer bassline. The brilliant brutality of IDM inspired gem ‘Battery’ and pensive nature of downbeat closer ‘Slenders 3’ wrap the record up in fantastic fashion.

The mix of live-keys and British grooves, and a tension between technological innovations and more natural melodies, is what makes this such a thrilling album from start to finish.

Release Date:20-11-2020

1. My Heavenly
2. What U Want
3. Chaga
4. Verdens Fineste
5. Texture Works
6. A Child Under The Table
7. Amygdala Interlude
8. Also This Will Change
9. Mesa
10. Battery
11. Slenders 3