Cocktail d’Amore’s Juan Ramos and Trent team up as Greenvision on ESP Institute (Listen)

Greenvision is the collaborative brainchild of two ESP Institute artists, Juan Ramos and Luca Trentini KA Trent, both longtime fixtures of Berlin’s infamous playground known as Cocktail d’Amore. Separately, these two explore their own very personal avenues of expression, putting their time in the trenches and endlessly polishing their works (this makes Juan’s third release with the label), but when their efforts overlap we’re gifted a view into their uncanny synergy.

Juan and Trent channel anexorbitant amount of smoke-fueled creativity, building layers upon layers into music so dense that thebulk of their studio time might then be spent navigating and formalizing their output into tangibletracks. Greenvison’s collective debut with the ESP Institute showcases three intense cerebral workouts, Banana Paradiso, Rambutan and The Color Of Maracuja, an array of experiments pulling from all the corners of the duo’s imagination—it is disorienting, cacophonous, introverted and psychedelic, but at the same time playful, melodic, euphoric and undoubtably arresting—guaranteed to induce hallucinations under proper circumstances. We welcome the induction of Greenvision to the ESP Institute, and with us as your guide, we welcome you to accompany on our descent into their abyss. Try not to get lost.

release date:May 11th, 2018