Monkey Safari “Odyssey Remixed” Album! Part One with Carl Cox, Reboot, Rod, Avidus, and Hannes Bieger

What makes everybody’s darling duo Monkey Safari so special is surely their authenticity; with their striking debut album ‘Odyssey’, this meant producing the same kind of tracks they were playing as they toured nightclubs and festivals around the world, rather than simply a listening album. The result was a dance floor artwork. And while they may be perfectionists, they’re certainly no purists, carefully handpicking remixers they see as most capable of continuing their vision for the album.

Release Date: May 18, 2018 (Beatport)
June 1, 2018 (all other

1 – Monkey Safari – Energie (Carl Cox Pure Remix)
2 – Monkey Safari – Sign (Avidus Remix)
3 – Monkey Safari – Helios (Reboot’s Hell IOS Rework)
4 – Monkey Safari – Prologue (Rod Remix)
5 – Monkey Safari – Ctrl X (Hannes Bieger Remix

Split in 3 separate EPs, ‘Odyssey Remixes – One’, ‘Two’, and ‘Three’ will be released in May, June, and July 2018, featuring reworks of the original album tracks by the master himself, Carl Cox, international stars Hernan Cattaneo, Guy J, Tensnake and Reboot, studio geniuses Dubspeeka, Hannes Bieger, ROD, and Phil Moffa, as well as up-and-coming talent Avidus, Trivmph, and Hommage label co-chief Karl Friedrich.

Carl Cox: “Being a fan of Monkey Safari, it was a pleasure to do this mix for them, this track was the one that got me, the moodyness, power and the layers of sound, is musical art to me. I just wanted to compliment what they have always done and make a Coxy version, by reversing the bassline and slamming the drums. I am so happy that you guys like it. I am playing it out and it’s moving the floor.

Reboot: Being asked to lay hands on one track of the last Monkey Safari album was a big pleasure for me, as I have been a fan of their work for a while. Even though it was rather challenging, as the original is a perfectly produced floorkiller. So I tried to bring the track into a more dirty direction with a long breakdown, but without leaving the original`s idea too much. I hope people enjoy the results.

ROD:Thanks to the great original parts, both my remixes flowed out of my system quite naturally. I was happy to do two complete different remixes. Where ‘Prologue’ is more about peak-time techno-energy, with ‘Sign’ I tried to create a much more psychedelic underwater-ish vibe which I think worked out quite well with that soothing vocal.

Avidus:For our remix of ‘Sign’ we took a very minimalistic approach. The vocal speaks for itself and in contrast to the original, we we were aiming for a less rave oriented version, for special moments at open airs…

Hannes Bieger: The studio work connected me with Monkey Safari now for quite a long time, as I have also mixed the Odyssey Album with the original tracks. I generally like their music a lot, as many of them are musically on my wavelength. During the mixing session for Ctrl X I used my Moog Modular just for fun and jammed something into the almost finished track which the boys apparently liked a lot. I rarely do that in the studio that I kind of cross a line and start to play to a client’s project. I respect original projects a lot and usually don’t want to impose myself on anyone. But in this case, I just got so inspired – and the boys too.

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