Claudio Masso – Altair EP (inc.Marcus Henriksson, Risico remix) on Astrophone Records

Astrophone travelers, finally here we are! The month of the sun given us one of the most important moments of “Astro” history: a 5 track EP by italian talented Claudio Masso, with two remixes. One of them is from label boss Risico and the another one from Marcus Henriksson, one of the 2 genial minds behind the Minilogue project, a real institution an pioneer of minimal techno movement! Claudio put all his love and inspiration in this release, playing with techno, uk house, breakbeat, ambient techno, electronic music and melodic sounds.

After seeing Blade Runner for the 10th time and going crazy for Vangelis soundtrack, Claudio went in studio with his alter ego that lives in the future. The result is a solid and complete EP. “Stella Polare” and “Astrophone”, a sweet tribute to the label, are the perfect weapons for the last track or a deep performance; break-beat rhytm, korg synthesizers, space sounds and ambient leads.

RELEASE DATE: 22/06/2018
01. Claudio Masso – Altair (Original Mix)
02. Claudio Masso – Astrophone (Original Mix)
03. Claudio Masso – Illen (Original Mix)
04. Claudio Masso – Space Lullaby (Original Mix)
05. Claudio Masso – Stella Polare (Original Mix)
06. Claudio Masso – Altair (Marcus Henriksson Remix)
07. Claudio Masso – Space Lullaby (Risico Remix)

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