DJ Sneak & Tripmastaz present RareTwo Inc ‘Extraterrestrial Intelligence’ EP

Chicago house pioneer DJ Sneak and Russian export Tripmastaz have proven themselves to be a formidable pairing since their first EP landed on Sneak’s imprint, I’m A House Gangster, in 2014. In July, they add to their joint discography with a three-tracker dispatch on Cassy’s burgeoning label, Kwench Records.

The label’s sixth release, Cassy takes a step back and gives this collaborative duo yet another outlet to showcase their dancefloor fodder, which follows releases on Kaluki Music, Mr. Nice Guy, Reptile Dysfunction, Ovum Recordings and, of course, I’m A House Gangster.

Sneak is part of house music history. Not only has he produced tracks that are in an enormously wide range of that genre, he keeps on doing it as fresh as if he had started today. He is not jaded and nostalgic, he stays on the ball and relevant, and always connects with very interesting musicians and producers, and the connection he and Tripmastaz have together is magic! I love this release because it is three different tracks with a strong vibe, showcasing different sides of house and something for every mood on the dancefloor. A must for the label” – Cassy

Released 13 July (vinyl and digital)
A1. UFO (Acid Kontakt)
A2. Click Thang
B1. Last Daze of Dizko