KiNK – Leko Remixes (Burek)

Reworking a big tune is never a simple task, especially if after 7 years the tune in question is still one of the highlights in shows of one of the worlds most beloved live act performers, KiNK.

That’s only half of the story though, as the tune got a lot of love from so many DJ’s all over the globe. However, for the 17th burek release, we wanted to do something really special and what could be better than giving new life to a piece of music which literally gave life to our label. And we gathered some very interesting people for the job.
release date:July 2nd, 2018

A1. Leko(KiNK’s Bass Shake Remix)
A2. Rachel Row -Away(feat. Kink)
B1. Leko(Session Victim Remix)
B2. Leko(Original Version)