Up & coming UK singer Marlon Percy teams up with Loframes for ‘The Pain I Feel’

‘The Pain I Feel’ is the new single from British singer Marlon Percy and Anglo-French duo Loframes. A haunting, disco-house track that sees Percy channel his recent struggles to create a viscerally emotional song as Loframes rise to the challenge of creating a setting for the track that both complements the narrative and, importantly, gets you up and dancing.

I wrote this song when I was experiencing both emotional and physical pain at the same time,” explains Marlon. “Writing it was a way to express my current situation and was also a distraction from the harsh realities of life. When I sing this song it takes me to a place of higher realisation, almost meditation, and reminds me that sometimes we must feel pain in order to feel pleasure.

When Marlon sent us ‘The Pain I Feel’ it was already so personal and full of meaning that we really wanted to give Marlon’s vocals the setting they deserved,” says Loframes’ Franck Russo. “The lyrics were already so powerful and strong, we knew they meant something for Marlon so it was important to do them justice. Just as importantly this collaboration created a strong, new friendship and a spur to future projects we can’t wait to share.