Christopher Coe ‘Let It Go’ (incl. Steve Mulder & Saytek remixes)on Awesome Soundwave

The 2nd EP to be released from Christopher Coe’s stunning album ‘MNTNSofSLNC’ and the 3rd release from the new label Awesome Soundwave, a partnership between Carl Cox and Coe.

‘Let It Go’ is the only track to feature Christopher’s vocals on the album and is a deep, driving and grooving meditation on a subject which we all need to get a grip on in one way or another.. Or maybe not, maybe we need to let go worrying about it!! Accompanied by two really different and dance floor glue remixes by Steve Mulder and the prolific and fully live artist Saytek.. This pack is a powerful and diverse release which shows Coe’s prowess at making a tune that stands out and allows itself to be remixed nicely by some of the best the biz has to offer!

This is the only tune with vocals from my album MNTNSofSLNC .. and, as such, perhaps the most intimate of the tracks.. It deals with loss and letting go.. a sad little ditty with hope..” – Christopher Coe

‘Let It Go’ will be released on July 20th 2018 on Awesome Soundwave.
Track Listing
1 Let It Go (Original)
2 Let It Go (Steve Mulder Remix)
3 Let It Go (Saytek Remix)