German electronic producer & innovative drummer JBXDR shares visuals for ‘Single Slice Of Time’

Berlin-based electronic producer and innovative drummer JBXDR shared his kaleidoscopic LP, “Wave Talk”, via Springstoff. Co-produced by Helge Hasselberg (Trümmer, Heartbeast, Lukas Endhardt, Kobito) and mastered by Hauke Albrecht (Turbostart, Ronda), the anticipated LP will showcase this one-of-a-kind producer’s ability to process, sample, extract, splice and dice just about anything thrown his way. JBXDR has already made a long-lasting impression working alongside prolific and highly respectable producers and artists such as Daniel Lanois (Brian Eno, Venetian Snares, U2), Neil Young, Andy Baldwin (Hidden Orchestra, Belle & Sebastian), Jeremy Loucas (Spacepilot), Diana Krall (Order Of Canada) and Terry Lynn Carrington (Giovanni Tommaso Quintet), just to name a few, throughout his ever-evolving career thus far.

“Wave Talk” Album Tracklist:

1. Mass Adoption / Direct Opposition
2. Counter Culture Is the Only Way Critiquing Culture
3. Refusal To Grow Up
4. Everything That I Need And Want
5. Single Slice Of Time
6. Surge Identity
7. Simpler Times
8. Surfing A Wave Of Populism
9. Accelerate Everything
10. Wave Talk
11. Empty Theatrics
12. Formular

JBXDR Upcoming Live Dates:
4 August – Vogelball – Hamburg, Germany
5 August – DETECT Festival – Berlin, Germany
17 – 19 August – Bucht der Träumer, Germany