Track of the Day : Dub Mars – Slowly Everything Goes Faster

Taken from new album “Wonder Is The Dearest Child Of Faith” on Lemongrassmusic

“Wonder Is The Dearest Child Of Faith” – does the new album by German producer Dub Mars appear in a sheerly dreamy manner ?
Never get old – always retain the inner child ? Believe in wonders, or maybe just do what you like and what comes to your mind this very moment ?
Yes – that’s exactly what Dub Mars intends to realize on his 8th studio album. Fluffy and groovy beats, enveloped in harmoniously floating and lush sounding soundscapes, garnished with the always flowing Dub Mars tunes.
10 tracks for a relaxed listening experience, for soft swinging or for freaking out and dancing. No matter what you prefer – the songs will somehow support you expressing yourself. Just listen and see what happens…. or don’t listen and let go….
“Wonder Is The Dearest Child Of Faith” – the new Dub Mars album on the label Lemongrassmusic comes up less melancholic than its predecessors, but more optimistic and happier…. just do what you want – but do something !