Listen : Ben Buitendijk returns to Oblique Music with three stirring techno cuts entitled ‘Alternative Hypothesis

After Buitendijk’s quintessential 2013 ‘Promised land’ track on Mosaic, his sound’s transition into tougher territories, prevalent in his series of releases via Oblique that demonstrate a palette of space-induced modulations. The label continues to create emotionally driven techno of a deeply layered nature, having also released music by Deniro, Koen Hoets, Emmanuel Top, Refracted, and more.

Kicking off with a journey enveloping 9-minute track, ‘Contamination Zone’ is delicately filled with synthetic ambience and undulating minimalism. The track’s energy gently grows throughout as the bleeped synth line and looping percussion patiently rises in intensity. ‘Stardust’ follows, continuing to transcend visionary type melodies in symmetry with acutely composed drums.

‘Alternative Hypothesis’ adopts a left-of-centre drum groove, harmonising authentically with the uplifting, otherworldly swells constant throughout, keeping the force of the track totally balanced.
Releasedate: 21-9-2018