Steffi + Martyn – Air Texture Volume VI

The Air Texture Series asks two Producers/ Performers to select a double CD worth of unreleased music. The only guidance is the music should not be main floor bangers, other than that we get out of the way, allowing them autonomy over their selection. This time Steffi and Martyn were asked to step up. Exciting, since as residents at Berghain/Panorama Bar – two of the most important dancefloors in the world… how would two such respected artists approach our experimental ethos.

Release date:05 October 2018

01 Synkro – Observatory
02 Appleblim – Unfound
03 V.I.V.E.K. – Sad Smile
04 Answer Code Request – Pasiris
05 Shed – Into Bleeps
06 dBridge & Lewis James – Verloren
07 Tracing Xircles – Kaieteur Falls
08 Samuel Pling – Bottomfeeder
09 Herron – Touching
10 Steffi – Between Form and Matter
11 Afik Naim – Louie’s Beat
12 Mosca – Kidney Version
13 Stingray – Last Shift
14 Shed – When The Faces Went Down
15 Novocanemusic – Steelmill
16 Actress – Watercolour Challenge Part II
17 Mesak – Sauhu
18 FaltyDL – Going West
19 214 – Shelby
20 As One – The Ladder
21 Total Science – Cowbell
22 Basic Soul Unit – Light Out
23 Barker – Terminal
24 Late Night Approach – The Naus Galaxy
25 Martyn – Moves
26 KiNK – Tal Atonal

From Steffi and Martyn

A common thread in our friendship and collaborations is that we’ve always been enthusiastic about discovering new and old music and sharing our findings with each other. In our approach for Air Texture the aim was to reflect that joy, and compile a set of tracks by both established producers and new talent, each with their own unique interpretations of a leftfield, non linear aesthetic.

We wanted to bring together producers that occupy different places in the electronic spectrum; people we looked up to for a long time such as Total Science, As One (Kirk Degiorgio) and Stingray, but also peers and new talent, such as Herron, Actress, VIVEK, Late Night Approach, and Shed. The challenge for us was to not only bring together these producers from different genres but to make the whole thing cohesive as a listening experience. That’s what makes it an exciting comp for us and the musicians involved