Listen : Tominori Hosoya new album Halfway (TH Pressing)

Japanese artist – Tominori Hosoya has been releasing on a good deal of underground Deep House / Techno vinyl labels such as deepArtSounds, Mixx Records and Minuendo Recordings, though this will be his first album on his own TH Pressing imprint which is only 5 releases deep but is already a firm favourite for the likes of Titonton Duvante, Keith Worthy, Hiroshi Watanabe & Jimpster.

This 2LP album has the theme – “Halfway”. Tominori Hosoya made the 10 tracks inspired by his old but special memories / wishes for his precious things, people and feelings in his life. All the music was made from the scenery that makes him 35 years old.

This album doesn’t only include his trademark Deep House / Ambient / Chillout style, but also Broken Beats, Tech House too. You can feel the deepess, melody, soul and a little melancholy throughout.

Release date:30 September 2018
Tracklist :

A1: We Wish 2 Cherry Trees Bloom Forever (full length version)
A2: Love You Again
B1: Beautiful Lives
B2: Cycling (sunday evening version)
B3: Weekend Othello
C1: Interlude Of Life
C2: Happiness To Trust
C3: Drawing With…
D1: The Future I Dream
D2: Scenery From Halfway