Premiere : Oversound – Lemon (Frankie Deep Remix)

Oversound is back on Dubwise for #29. “Lemon” is a melodic deep dark tune rife with orchestral pads, piano stabs, and a slow building synth flourish. The Frankie Deep Remix takes it even deeper and darker with sonorous keys, sublime riffs, coupled to driving rhythms. “Mayhem” is another Oversound original that utilizes filtered synths, floating organs, automaton voices, as well as slick drum work. Rounding things out is “Told Ya”, which is a slithering physical psychedelic house work out that comes from all sonic angles.

Release date 28/09/2018

Oversound – Lemon (8:14)
Oversound – Lemon (Frankie Deep Remix) (7:03)
Oversound – Mayham (7:58)
Oversound – Told Ya (7:20)

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