Premiere : OdD – Tidal Wave

Taken from Waxing Gibbous EP out September 10 on OdD Music Records

Review /Preorder: Juno
“This release is pure sundown pressure from the start. Just like the Waxing Gibbous moonrise the namesake EP transforms you ready for the descent into the dark night.
A1 ‘Zero Gravity’ launches into takeoff with a trajectory course aimed straight for the dancefloor. Sub bass and crisp percs put this track firmly in driving seat.
A.2 ‘Tidal Wave’ is flooded with ‘Dub’ influence. With a tape delay in full effect the low end modulates warm and easy from edge to edge.

B1 ‘Lunar Blueprint’ shifts gears and closed the EP in the Dub Techno arena. The hollow melody haunts the track and progresses through each section while spooky samples laced with reverb orbit a tepid bassline produced especially for those dark hours.”

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