Premiere : Jorge Ciccioli – Phyla

Argentina’s Jorge Ciccioli follows up from his initial offering on Silencio’s Uno compilation in 2017 with his own four-track EP titled Falling Spores.

As the title track suggests, Jorge Ciccioli’s production on ‘Falling Spores’ naturally mimics the intrinsically rhythmic patterns of falling spores being dispersed by purposeful currents of air. With intense intervals of driving drums and sound particles that seemingly twinkle throughout, this track rains down upon one’s sub-conscious surface in its relentless pursuit of party.

‘Persistence’ pays off with track number two in the form of a fully mechanized melody that feels funky and sounds super serious. It starts of simple –but before you have a chance to get a good grip the true artistry of this piece starts accelerating with a breakneck beat that has a need for speed. Accented by temperamental tones that delicately dip in and drop out with premeditated precision, this groove will keep things moving.

On the first B-side track ‘Rising’, war drums beat out rhythms of an impending attack,effectively whipping all citizenry of the dance floor into a high-pitched fervor. It also summons an accompaniment of hollow, echoey layers that hover closely over slightly suffocated samples and whispering whistles. This track is a great way to begin the end of an evening.

Closing things out is ‘Phyla’ This track can best be described as one of those things that goes bump in the night –because it bumps hard. Every sound causally connects with the changes that periodically rise and fall during its progression. Parallel drums dive deep and return in rhythm with filtered wave effects that wash over the entire arrangement. The synchronicity of this selection is quite staggering. Definitely worth a listen.

Release Date: 18th September 2018

A1. Falling Spores 5:57
A2. Persistance 7:16
B1. Rising: 6:38
B2. Phyla: 5:26

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