Acclaimed producer Marley Carroll premieres singles ‘Shiver & Fireflies’, LP out in November on Emancipator’s Loci Imprint

Acclaimed electronic producer, composer, and turntablist Marley Carroll releases “Shiver/Fireflies,” the second set of double singles from “Flight Patterns”, his upcoming 8-track concept LP out 11.16, inspired by the sumptuous mountains of Asheville, N.C. Using samples from his environment and analog gear, Marley constructs expansive, textured soundscapes where sophisticated beats meet nuanced melodies.

Marley adds: “I feel like sometimes the best thing you can do is to go outside and point a microphone at the sky. Music studios are designed to be these perfectly-sealed enclosures where the environment is precisely controlled. But now my attention has been drawn outwards towards the expansive sonic colors of outdoor spaces.

Shiver’s chopped vocals and iridescent synth pulses bear the impression of Lusine’s most inspired moments. “Fireflies” is a dubby number with deep bass, light acid squelches, steady hi-hats, whimsical keyboard flourishes, and funky bells. One can almost see an expansive dusk lighting up with activity. The singles capture two shades of Marley’s work, a downtempo pensive mood and a midtempo groove.

With “Shiver/Fireflies,” two of the most evocative songs on “Flight Patterns”, the classically-trained pianist and percussionist continues to move in a more rhythmic direction with mesmerizing results.

New LP Flight Patterns is out November 16 via Loci Records.