Premiere : An-ten-nae – Racing Through a Black Hole

An-ten-nae reaches new heights on his new EP Voices From Space. Seamlessly blending Halftime with Acid tinged Techno infused Bass. The evolution of his sound on this EP comes in the tempo, rhythms and beat arrangement, which, this time, are mostly in the halftime DnB / Hip Hop range.

An-ten-nae ventures in to the far reaches of space. Initial reactions have the press gushing that this new sound feels like the alien offspring of Rezz & Ivy Lab. The EP is bound to take you somewhere far and deep, and we are sure you’ll like where you arrive.

An-ten-nae has over 100 releases under his belt and collaborations far and wide. His most recent full length album, ‘Medicine’ charted in the iTunes Top 10 and was featured on Huffington Post and Billboard.

1. We Transform Into Light 3:35
2. Are We Human 3:35
3. Cassiopeia 3:06
4. Racing Through a Black Hole 3:49
5. Grinding Oblivion 3.09
Download /Stream EP Here

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