Listen : Sweden’s Bauri returns to B12’s imprint

FireScope welcomes back Sweden’s Bauri (Martin Abrahamsson) for his follow-up EP titled Vinkelvolten II.

With the seasons turning, these 5 tracks from Bauri match the oncoming cooler climates perfectly. Delicate crystalline notes and ethereal melodies waft past on an autumn or winter’s day, with the stepping crunch and idiosyncratic shuffle of gravel underfoot the only indication of the passing of time in the tracks. Imbued throughout are a sense of calmness, beauty and ease.
release date:October 28th, 2018

2.Vinkelvolten II
4.Wobbly Rhodes
5.Tuesday Dreaming
A slow autumn hike, the crisp and cold ‘Hertsi’ is well-paced and subtle in its storytelling, revealing a forest clearing here, or a hint of the surrounds beyond there, never with any rush or unnecessary drama.

From its glitchy predecessor, ‘Vinkelvolten II’ continues the plot where the first left off, offering richer tones and depth in maturity and emotional expression, pairing a soul-drenched electroish bassline with crunchy, grainy beats and a sprinkling of light toms.

The 90s throwback ’Cocoon’ is a capsule of a different era gone past, a slower paced groove and sustained synths painting a mysticized, fantasy world inhabited by imaginary creatures.

The gently cascading vibrato and ringing arpeggiated notes of ‘Wobbly Rhodes’ brings the EP to its mountainous high — a breathtaking panorama for the eyes and ears.

The lucid ’Tuesdaydreaming’ floats around like a lo-fi afternoon daydream, layer upon layer of a mental hallucination looping in and out, drifting between different worlds.

Finished in glorious green and black splatter vinyl with exclusive full colour artwork by Catherine Prendergast AKA Cellar Door.