Man Power “Vista EP (incl. Roman Flügel Remix)” on Four Thirty Two

The ‘Vista’ EP caps off an intensely busy year for Geoff Kirkwood, otherwise known as Man Power. The British DJ/producer has become quite the ‘tour de force’ in 2018, with releases and remixes for Futureboogie, DFA, Correspondant, Exotic Series, Skint Records, and his very own Me Me Me imprint.

So it seems quite fitting to seal a productive 12 months with a release on Richy Ahmed’s Four Thirty Two, a label that itself has been firing out big releases this year from EJECA, Jansons & Senzala and Ahmed himself. And joining this big end of year party, enter stage left, Roman Flügel, who delivers an absolutely stellar remix of ‘Vista’.

Meaty synths and clattering 909 drums are doused in futuristic Italo disco vibes for ‘Outrider’, whilst a winning combo of breakbeats and acid affected bass provide the backbone of the simply gargantuan ‘Vista’. Roman Flügel’s interpretation of the title track brings the break to the fore, playfully teasing out the acidic sounds and surging strings for another truly memorable remix that we’ve come to expect from Mr. Flügel. Closing the EP, ‘Poly Pop’ delivers a vivid and bright burst of melody over clanking percussion and sturdy beats, filled with ‘end of the night’ optimism that’s become Man Power’s forte.

Release Date:07-12-2018

1. Outrider
2. Vista (Original Mix)
3. Vista (Roman Flügel Remix)
4. Poly Pop