Premiere : JGarrett – Proximity(Part2)

Taken from Upcoming EP from JGarrett on Gobsmacked Records, Berlin,out November 05

Millhouse and Diarmaid O’Maera’s Gobsmacked has long been a proponent of rough and ready techno vibes. With its roots in Ireland, the now Berlin-based label has endeared itself to fans of a harder edged sound over the years courtesy of its unrelenting desire to push things forward whilst consistently adhering to a quality-fuelled ethos. The label’s latest signing is a fitting one in that regard. U.S. / Canadian DJ/producer JGarrett has been involved in the scene for some time now and is chiefly renowned for his work at his own label, Subspec. A native of Ann Arbor, Michigan, the producer is currently living in Vancouver, Canada and this latest release marks his first since a recent appearance on Perc’s inimitable Perc Trax. JGarrett’s Detroit-influenced sounds continue to endear him to many, and this record, the fantastic Proximity, is sure to do the same.

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