Premiere : Masaru and John Monroe -Typhoon (SIX of NINE Remix)(Totem Traxx)

TOTEM TRAXX announce the 72nd work that ends in 2018!
The latest single “Typhoon” of collaboration unit by Hyper Nomad DJ MASARU and JOHN MONROE of Okinawa’s heavyweight presence.
As artists themselves cast the remixer, they are all finished in a great music as if they respond to their hot call.
SIX of NINE from the United States, Dee.F in Vietnam, FRANKIE HIGH from Ibiza, and Sakiko Osawa from Japan are participating as remixers.
It seems to tell the beginning of the history of Ethno Melodic House, a new tribal minimal, in the dimension of each individual’s conspiracy.
The journey to discover new energy in wonders of the world of sounds which reaches beyond the borders of all living things form will never end!

Exclusive release date for beatport : 17.December.2018
1.Typhoon (Original Mix)
2.Typhoon (SIX of NINE Remix)
3.Typhoon (Sakiko Osawa Remix)
4.Typhoon (Dee.F Remix)
5.Typhoon (FRANKIE HIGH Remix)

Stay tuned for the 2018-2019 season!

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