Wild Dark – Sacred Ep (Nazca Records)

Wild Dark – Sacred Ep
Los Suruba and their record label Nazca Records present their ninth release called ‘Sacred’ EP produced by the brothers Corey and Ryan, better known as Wild Dark. From Brooklyn, they will captivate every listener with this release that comes out throughout three fantastic tracks that intrigue from the first minute.

Their releases on Happy Camper, Suruba X and True Colors, Bedouin ́s imprint, among others, as well as their imposing sound made possible their entrance in Nazca by aligning itself with the characteristics of the label. NAZCA Records was born after internalising the connection between the advanced world of the Viracochas, beings from other planets and the archaic world of the Nazcas, lovers of music, dance and art in general.

This new EP consists of three songs. The first one, ‘Sacred’ combines a futuristic and mechanical beat with ancestral vocals that sound like out of this world, while exotic tambourines fusion with pleasant guitar sounds that slowly bring you back to earth. ‘Like A Whisper’ climaxes in sensual percussions caressed by guitar chords that make each silhouette stand out on the dance floor. Finally, ‘Day For Night’ is an archaic ritual that catches you in this mystic combo. The electronic synths keep your feet on the ground while the intensity grows allowing the flutes to merge with your senses letting the vocals direct your thoughts.

If you want to be part of this tribute to psychedelic musical mysticism, do not miss the release date this next January 14th.

Release Date: 14th January 2019

1. Wild Dark – Sacred
2. Wild Dark – Like A Whisper
3. Wild Dark – Day For Night