Nils Hoffmann – Symbiosis One

Nils Hoffmann – Symbiosis One ,release date January 25th, 2019
Wunderkind Nils Hoffmann pairs up with Philipp Wolf and Moritz Hofbauer for a two-track journey into the dark night on Poesie, ‘Symbiosis One’. Pulsing, punching and all-out riveting, Moritz and Nils spin ‘Dawn Patrol’. This is a deep burning banger, and it’s gonna make you sweat with its heavy kicks and dark, gritty pads weather you like it or not. Philipp Wolf brings a more polished sound together with Nils in ‘Need You’. A house-y vibe marked by soulful vocal cuts and energy-building arps laid out over a bass driven percussion. This is a classic in the making, with a warm vibe that contrasts beautifully against the opening track. Grab these while they’re still hot.