DJ Octopus – Glue Monday EP

Fresh out of the gate and excitedly chomping at the heels of two very welcome EPs from The Cyclist and Whitesquare, the third release from experienced Italian party series turned label Tropical Animals comes from a much loved Italian export, DJ Octopus. The Venice-based producer delivers the “Glue Monday” EP, a quatuor of pulsating boppers, encompassing hints of retro-futurism, tense breaks and unstoppable grooves.

Tropical Animals have been bringing the party to Tuscany since 2010 with guests that have included Luca Lozano, Interstellar Funk, Avalon Emerson or Ross From Friends. The formation of the label felt like a natural next step. DJ Octopus has been a regular guest at a party for a good few years now so it’s no surprise to see him appear on the label, still hot from well-received releases on Hot Haus, Chiwax, Shall Not Fade and Metal Position Records.

“Glue Monday Part 1” and “Part 2” epitomize 80s reverence, with thick, satisfying kicks driving the tracks forward, passing through a landscape of retro synths, New Order vintage era basslines and skittish percussion. “Mechanical Action” lives up to its name, delivering on a theme of straight-faced steel and wide open spaces. Closing the EP, “Calypso Signal” brings some seriously dirty funk to the table. It’s the wildcard that DJs will be reaching out to to rescue unmovable dancefloors.

“Glue Monday” is set for vinyl and digital release January 19th 2019.