Enea Pascal – Papa Boy

Enea Pascal – Papa Boy,release date:February 8th, 2019
Underground Italian stable Ivreatronic follow up Fabio Fabio’s ‘Amore Cannibale’ EP with the second single from Enea Pascal.

Enea Pascal is the youngest resident DJ from Ivreatronic. “Papa Boy” comes in the wake of his debut single “Golden Bocia”, released in June 2018. Enea is a sucker for rough and ready drum tracks and organic sounds that come to life with clever electronics. His tracks walk a fine line between the raucous ends of house and the bright experimentalist strands of electro, making for some of the stand out moments in sets.

“Papa Boy” begins with am (admittedly unwitting) guest vocal from Pope Benedict XVI. After the first drop, the carpet is pulled out from under the listener and a tumble down a tunnel of bass and psychotic melodies ensues. Rinse and repeat.

Watch this space for “Papa Boy” Video,stay tuned