Robert Solheim – Vest LP (Aquavit BEAT)

Aquavit BEAT co-founder Robert Solheim is next up on his own label with the first of a two-part album release that is very dear to him. The second part arrives closer to summer, and in between the two will be an EP with remixes from Ryan Sullivan, Terje Saether, DJ Samer, Porno Poltergeist and new up and coming hard techno artist Oyhopper from Norway.

Norway born artist Robert Solheim is a producer who, as well as being a fine solo talent, has been at the heart of some diverse and exciting collaborative projects over the years. He’s held down a DJ residency in Spain for a decade as well as playing everywhere from Rough trade in London to Oslo’s Elefant club.

Sasha and John Digweed, Nick Warren and Herman Cattaneo are fans of his work which takes in dark electronic pop as well as electronic grooves, and he is never far from heavy Radio 1 play. This new double album project, he has worked on for the last couple of years and is something of a flashback to his first project, Current, which was more ambient, downtempo, ambient and melodic-house, in his own words:

The album(s) are inspired by the ever changing weather, storms, rain, sunshine breaking thru the clouds, thundering waves breaking in from the sea, the silence in the woods and strolling around rural roads and beaches on Averøy on the West coast of Norway where I grew up. I didn’t want to rush it, because I wanted it to perfect in the sense of that it had to reflect the feelings from my hometown.

Release Date:15-03-2019

2.Pille Eska
3.Veien Hjem
4.Regn Regn Regn
6.Magisk Sopp I
7.Magisk Sopp II