Balthazar & JackRock – Purple Antelope (Filth on Acid)

Filth on Acid regulars Balthazar & JackRock are back with their best EP till date.
This is what we would call the creme de la creme of dancefloor mayhem.
This is Purple Antelope,
This is Balthazar & JackRock,

Release Date: 8th February 2019 (Beatport Exclusive)
22nd February 2019 (Worldwide)

1. Balthazar & JackRock – Axes of Time (Original Mix)
2. Balthazar & JackRock – Universal Future (Original Mix)
3. Balthazar & JackRock – Purple Antelope (Original Mix)
4. Balthazar & JackRock – Omen (Original Mix)

The Bulgarian duo started out in the 90s and since then have gone on to play all round Europe. Their diverse sound has come on vital labels like 1605, IAMT, Bosphorus Underground and Neurotraxx amongst others and they impress again here, on the underground techno label leading from the front!!

Axis of Time opens things up with dark and driving drums and edgy synths that keep you in suspense. Universal Future then comes on strong with a mind melting acid line and hypnotic drum work that will get the floor marching as one. Purple Antelope then gets more trippy, with big keys and melodies raining down from above as the big drums power things along. Last of all Omen goes deeper, with industrial textures and sonar blip synths stretching off into the horizon. This is powerful techno that will make a real mark in the club.