Kasper Marott + Alfredo92 – Os To

Kasper Marott and Alfredo92 launch the community-based label Axces, releasing music from their extensive community in the Danish capital.

The roster of Axces will consist of local friends and hang arounds from their infamous studio in the Northwest of Copenhagen. There will be no specific genre tied to the label, so leftfield and ambient is just as welcome as techno and house.

The debut release “Os To” (which translates into “the two of us”) is produced by label owners Alfredo92 and Kasper Marott presenting two percussion-heavy cuts.

On the A-side, you’ll find the ever-evolving title track “Os To (Johnny DJ All Star Bubble Gum Mixie)” leading the listener on an ethereal journey. On the flip, the floor-ready groover “Fest På Taget (Tandoori’s Partii Mix)” is a drum-based tribal piece inspired by the organic sound of the sound system culture and street dances.

Track List:
A. Os To (Johnny DJ All Star Bubble Gum Mixie)
B. Fest på Taget (Tandoori’s Partii Mix)