Listen : Oversound’s – 2h Magic Room Guest Mix

Listen: Exclusive 2h Guest Mix for Magic Room in Croatia 08.03.2019 by Oversound,he was invited to promote his new EP “Healing of a Nation” on dubiks music

1.Healing Of The Nation (Original Mix) DUBIKS MUSIC-Oversound
2.Astral Projection (Oversound Remix) DEEP SITE SPACE-Funtom
3. Clouds Under Water (Oversound Remix) DUBWIZE RECORDS-Timmy Kos
4.Told Ya (Original Mix) DUBWIZE RECORDS-Oversound
5.Jazz Flavour (Original Mix) DEEP SITE DIGITAL-Oversound
6.Twisted Time (Oversound Twisted Remix) SOUND LAB-Kusho
7.Freedom In My Voice (Original Mix) DEEP SITE DIGITAL-Oversound
8.No More Time (Oversound Remix) SOUND LAB-Since Then & Nelixus
9.Do It Right (Original Mix) UNRELEASED-Oversound
10.Quem Mandou (Original Mix) DUBIKS MUSIC-Oversound
11.Crazy Feeling (Original Mix) DUBIKS MUSIC-Oversound
12.Bad Circuit (Original Mix) DUBIKS MUSIC-Oversound
13.Air Swing (Original Mix) UNRELEASED-Oversound
14.Sideways (Original Mix) UNRELEASED-Oversound
15.Free Love (Original Mix) UNRELEASED-Oversound
16.Pangea (Original Mix) UNRELEASED-Oversound
17.Lemon (Original Mix) DUBWIZE RECORDS-Oversound
18.Lullaby (Original Mix) UNRELEASED-Oversound
19.Loose My Way (Original Mix) UNRELEASED-Oversound

Oversound – Healing Of A Nation EP
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