SLO announces debut album ’Solace’ + watch video for ‘Temporary Madness

‘Temporary Madness’ is the latest single from SLO – the musical incarnation of Jess Mills – the British singer, songwriter, mother and activist.

A beautifully hypnotic piece of music with closeness to it that exposes the warmth of Jess’s vocals and honest, laid–to-bare songwriting. Ethereal and melancholic it evokes the process of healing your heart and mind after intense hurt.

Jess explains: “’Temporary Madness’ is about the process of coming back to life after a heart-shattering heartbreak. It’s about the merciful miracle of time and how it delivers you from day to day, moment to moment, from insanity to sanity again”.

The track paves the way for her debut album ‘Solace’ which is due April 12th. A record that has been crafted and honed over recent months whilst Jess joyously became a mum, crushingly lost her mum (the revered Labour MP, Tessa Jowell) and immersed herself in fighting for issues of social justice.
It’s an intimate and haunting debut LP; intertwining melodies that weave between folk and RnB into gently electronic and subtly celestial productions.

By way of introduction to the full-length record, ‘Temporary Madness’ perfectly illustrates how Jess has taken her careful time to mould her own sound. Indulging in the introspective she found a new confidence in her music.

Since her mum sadly lost her battle with cancer only 10 months ago, Jess has kept the wheels turning by drawing strength from her mums’ wisdom and guidance daily; in the way she works, the way she writes, the way she mothers, the way she lives her life and the way she loves – always returning to music, her first love and a core, intrinsic part of who she is.