Type 303 – The New Ravelution: Remixed EP (incl.Gnork, Timothy Clerkin,Thomaas Banks,Shun remixes)

Type-303’s breakthrough The New Ravelution EP (released at the end of 2018) was a sonic slap around the chops, throwing a cavalcade of 90’s hardcore & rave samples into the mix, alongwith a healthy dash of unrelenting Acid. All four slabs of warehouse businesswere absolutely ripe for the remixing…

As such, some of our favourite producers have duly obliged and provided a wonderfully diverse package of variations on the original themes.

Hungarian wizard Gnork opens with his take on Thousand Pieces. It’s an 80’s Electro inspired work out, fused to the Acid House sounds of the original, that’ll have you furiously robot-dancing around the room. Friend of the label & one half of the mighty Psychmagik, monsieur Thomaas Banks’s mix of Nautilus ups the fucking pressure & takes us on a wild, hard ride into techno oblivion. Buckle up your trousers listeners, because this is going to try & rip them straight off.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more rollicking, our man from Japan Shun turns up with an acid BELTER remix of Thousand Pieces. Booming 808’s & dirty 303’s vie for our tapping toes as we’re treated to an all out acid attack. Last up, label honcho Timothy Clerkin provides a down-tempo, woozy version of Acid Earth.