Watch : PowerSolo’s new music video “Lonely Gal” (classic horror films, psychedelia, garage punk)

It’s HIM. Kim Kix! The Toréador of Trash. It’s PowerSolo. The rock’n’roll band that you hate to hate and your girlfriend just loves to love.

​Now he’s back with a brand-new video – a mock-horror in the style of oldies – a vintage Gothic, Ed Wood-esque tale of chauvinistic karma. Filmed and directed by legend Peder Pedersen (who made the famous Barbie Girl-video for Aqua, as well as several videos for PowerSolo’s label CRUNCHY FROG). Feast your eyes upon its glorious terror right

“Lonely Gal” is from the album, “BO-PEEP”, which was conceived, written and partially recorded during an extended weekend of solitary recluse at the Waikiki of Denmark. One man. One guitar. One kick drum. One microphone. Two bottles of absinthe.