Stream: Infinity Ink unveil debut album ‘House Of Infinity’

Infinity Ink unveil their hugely anticipated debut album. ‘House of Infinity’. Hot on the heels of ‘Rushing Back’, their first single of 2019 featuring the mesmerising vocals of Yasmin, the duo invites a host of leading feature artists to create their most diverse and triumphant chapter yet.

From its conception, ‘House of Infinity’ has been a labour of love for duo Ali Love and Luca Cazal, recorded over the space of three years across various studios in London, Ibiza and Toronto. Welcoming guest singers to collaborate, they produced the album with a minimal amount of software, opting instead for an analogue approach, playing live instruments as much as possible. The result is a long player that covers the full spectrum of their influences: classic songwriting that draws from the sounds of Disco, Acid and Chicago House with nods to ‘60s psychedelia.

The album begins with a monologue led intro, combining modular synthesizers with lyrics about teleportation and black holes, a musical theme that carries on throughout the LP. This flows straight into the enticing ‘Set Your Body Free’, armed with a conga-heavy beat lifted via club-ready vocals from Ali Love himself. The next solo appearance from Ali doesn’t happen till later on with ‘Alienation’.

New York underground legends Mr. V and eLBee BaD lend their voice to their respective tracks. In ‘The Rush’, Mr. V’s heady vocals layer over a rumbling 303 bassline destined for peak hours. ‘Get Up On The Rhythm And Dance’ is elevated via eLBee BaD’s unmistakable tone, centered around a Chicago groove and cosmic pads as the feeling of the album slowly unravels.

1. Infinity Ink – Infinity Intro
2. Infinity Ink – Set Your Body Free
3. Infinity Ink Ft. Mr. V – The Rush
4. Infinity Ink Ft. Yasmin – Rushing Back
5. Infinity Ink – Aya
6. Infinity Ink Ft. Tim Fuller – Cloud 8.5
7. Infinity Ink Ft. Cedric Gasaïda – Situation
8. Infinity Ink – Alienation
9. Infinity Ink Ft. eLBee BaD – Get Up On The Rhythm And Dance
10. Infinity Ink Ft. Yasmin – How Do I Love You
11. Infinity Ink – Tomorrow Never Comes