Stream: Jonas Kopp album “Non Virtual Reality”

We live in a programmed system designed to subtly modify our true conscious reality, through structures of conditioning interwoven in the very plot of our society.

The human being lives in an artificial version of reality without any questioning, detonated from sources like media, virtuality and new technologies, managed to induce us to a deep dormant mental state designed to limit, constrict and abolish the expansive emotions and thoughts of our real intrinsic essence.

The real transformation is that which resides in the most unfathomable of being, from there the imposed realities are dismantled and it connects us with the absolute creative role from the genuine internal universe of each individual.

This album was created to be a quantum frequency shuttle immersed in an individual experience from the subconscious to a collective consciousness unified to a high frequency of light. The annulment of the visual sense, potentiates the internal capacities, enhancing the extra-sensory innate powers that reside in each one of us.

1. La Luz Nunca Se Apaga
2. El Amanecer Dorado
3. Ritmo
4. El Viento De Lemuria
5. Montaña Emulada
6. Sideral Malun
7. Transmutación Natural
8. Oficio De Nueva Era
9. Tension En El Sur
10. Unidad Binaria De Amor
11. Montserrat
12. Sonido Unificado Número 9
13. Romance Cuántico