Infiné compile electronic maloya from the island of La Réunion on “Digital Kabar”

At once sacred and secular; sometimes calculated but often improvised; formerly clandestine but now manifest: the Kabar is now an integral part of the Réunionnais landscape, eschewing any of the labels that are slung its way. The genre is like a snapshot of Island life, with its artisanal musical instruments, its block parties, its ritual dances and its pamphleteering lyrics. A Reunion, in all senses of the term. A musical union, which, in spite of its raw essence, strives to evolve, incorporating new sounds that will carry its indomitable, forever moving spirit forward into the future.

Born from the musical union of maloya and electronic music, Digital Kabar is a compilation at the crossroads of cultures, porous to all sound experiences. It’s also the result of a friendship that drives InFiné at the festival Les Electropicales, from the fascination of a small team dedicated to the independent musical cause for a musical scene and its diversity.