Premiere: Moteka – Peace At Last (Skryptöm)

Peace At Last, taken from Moteka ‘s debut album ‘As We Fought Iron Giants’, out July 1st on Skryptöm
‘As We Fought Iron Giants’ is the soundtrack to the story of ourselves not wanting to leave childhood as we grow into adults, fighting imaginary demons. Music in itself is a mean of therapy and channels the tremendous amount of one’s imagination. This twelve track techno journey is Moteka’s debut album on French techno label Skryptöm , and is beautifully illustrated by world-renowned artist Nicolas Delort.

Moteka ‘As We Fought Iron Giants LP’
CD / Digital:
01 – Once Upon A Time
02 – TCX2290
03 – Ghost in the Machine
04 – Sleeping Giants
05 – The Awakening
06 – Marching Robots
07 – Limbo
08 – First Encounter
09 – Wounded
10 – Smart Weapon
11 – Final Confrontation
12 – Peace at Last

Vinyl EP:
A1 – Ghost in the Machine
A2 – First Encounter
B1 – Final Confrontation
B2 – Marching Robots

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