Twilight – Ray of Light on Balearica

Twilight, the coming together of Clandestino’s Nick J Smith and Breese. North and South unites for some top-drawer Balearica.

We see Smith’s musicality shine in the original – the bass throbs whilst arpeggios ebb & flow, acid lines pulsing in unison as relentless drums crackle like distant lightning. The tune moves at a hypnotising pace, drawing you out from the poolside and into a stormy desert dusk.

Forward to the Breese remix – an intense ride for the house fans. Voodoo textures conjure bones rattling on string, weirding-up the mix, all set against epic crescendos plunging into wild drops that keep the crowd moving to a deep, driving beat. It’s obvious Breese isn’t here to mess about, he’s here to smash in the dance floor.

Two versions, both bangers, one huge win for the duo with Ray of Light, out October 4th, 2019