Blaue Blume releases new song and video ‘Lovable’, from the upcoming LP ‘Bell of Wool’ (hfn music)

Months after the altern and art-pop Danish band Blaue Blume brought us “Morgensol”, now is the time again to continue with some magic and taste their new song –included also in their upcoming LP “Bell of Wool” (hfn music)- entitled “Lovable”.

Jonas Holst Schmidt, charismatic and lead singer of the band tells us about the song “I’m not sure what this song is about. Maybe it has something to do with seeing yourself from the outside and realising that you have been misunderstood. That the image you had of the way you walked, the way you smiled at others, talked to them, the way you laughed or the way you cried didn’t coincide with how you were seen through other people’s eyes.

The music video for “Lovable” has once more been created by audio visual artist Maya SB and it’s based on massive slowmotion-video archives from Jonas’ iphone. From an objective perspective it tells a story of an outcast living among sheep. The pulse of the song draws a fragmented heart in the foreground.