MANIK announces ‘Tonight’ EP on Steve Bug’s new Sublease label

Next up on Steve Bug’s new Sublease label comes a pair of floor-primed acid cuts from MANIK.

Focusing on more reduced, hypnotic, and raw sounds than the main Poker Flat label, Sublease is set to be an essential resource for those looking for a little extra grit in their tracks. MANIK does not disappoint.

Tonight works a raw acid line for over eight minutes, balancing it with dreamy pads and clattering snare rolls. It’s a little touch of ‘88
filtered through a contemporary lens.

Unknown Acid treads a similar path – stripped down to the absolute essentials – a tough 808 rhythm track meets a phat, primed 303 lead to cause maximum club devastation.

Released 25th October

01. Tonight
02. Unknown Acid