Peter Van Hoesen – Uncovered 2008-2018 (Vol.1-3)

Peter Van Hoesen presents Uncovered 2008-2018 Vol. 1-3 – a three-part, 52 track compilation documenting his sound over ten years of the beloved Time To Express imprint. Consisting of Peter’s unreleased tracks, rediscovered sketches and material from his live shows, Uncovered offers a coherent overview of his creative process during this period, deconstructing his inimitable aesthetic across three distinct volumes.

With the launch of Time To Express in 2008, Peter created a platform to explore the niche he had become increasingly drawn to – a sound that brings us from sweltering warehouse raves to the misty mountains of Japan, tracing the universal effects of psychedelic sound design and swirling, hypnotic techno throughout a global underground.

Whilst listening back to his old material, it became clear to Peter that this ten-year period formed its own chapter in his discography. Of the three volumes, each one chronicles a different aspect of his sound and can generally be separated into Vol.1 consisting of ambient works, Vol.2 of slower bpms and Vol.3 offering faster techno and breakbeats. By assembling this into a compilation, he consolidates a formative phase of his artistry to paint a detailed picture of his musical approach during this period.

Time To Express will continue to cater to the most discerning techno fans, but with this compilation Peter extends an invitation to understand an important period for himself and the label, and in doing so, clears the way for new territory to be explored.

Peter Van Hoesen – Uncovered 2008-2018 Vol 3
release date:09 December 2019

01. Endorphin Machine Dynamics
02. Breals
03. Face Of Smoke 2015 Edit
04. Paragon
05. Phasing
06. Horizontal Shuffle
07. Certosa
08. Octosession 0001
09. Oscar Trance Box
10. Padski
11. Place of Emergence
12. This Hidden place
13. Vasarelli Subset D1000
14. Vooropgesteld-0

Peter Van Hoesen – Uncovered 2008-2018 Vol 2
release date:18 November 2019

01. Encapsulation
02. Outdoor Sympathy
03. EditSoloPunchin19
04. Slowdisto
05. Rosegarden Funeral of Sores ft. Jacques Trenson
06. Behind the Scorn
07.Wintergrass – Looped
08. Chromatic Intro
09. Equal Souls Divided
10. Casual Care Dub V
12. Exor1
13. Gadarene Rush
14.Abandon DubMix 3 – Loop
15. Merely A Mirage
16. Rising Tide
17. Singular Fate 3 – Loop
18. Sky Ruptures
19. Fighting With Angels

release date:28 October 2019
Peter Van Hoesen – Uncovered 2008-2018 Vol 1

01. Chromatic 06 phase 1
03. Chromatic 04 False
04. Monopoly Live Take
06. Chromatic 02
07. TMM-01-Dub-Nr3
08. Ang Session 1014
09. Attribute39
10. Portable Solution
11. Begin van iets paars
12. Weer een vals begin
13. Melbourne
14. Dorvaledit
15. TMM-01-Dub-Nr5
16. ArpOscar
17. Gaussian Taiko
18. Unlock The Heart Of The Moon
19. Candidate