Video Premiere: Surf Philosophies – Ryan (Official video)

Album II from Surf Philosophies is a sharp new chapter dedicated to the hypocrisy of polarization. To loneliness and kin selection as well as an open door to the second pillar of our surf philosophy:

The intangible etiquette of the line-up.

St Tropez Gossip” turns its focus on the raw, unflattering yet unifying traits of the human experience. The group experience. In these modern times the chitter-chatter on the streets commutes between an ‘us vs them’ barrage of complaint. Rather than concentrate on the rights and wrongs of these important tos and fros. Surf Philosophies prefer to remind ourselves of the shared ideas and desires common to all of us.

When approaching the line-up (assuming one doesn’t paddle out first) the most important thing is to come with good alohas and to keep an eye on the pace and energy of the group. Surfing is about waiting, sharing and enjoying the sea together. Regardless of how many lefts you are about to rip, the key dynamic with the line-up is to be part of the line-up. What better way to ingratiate yourself than by joining in with the gossip. “Did you hear that Jared paddled out a mile yesterday to see the humpbacks?”, “Look! Rafael is rocking a new Steve Morgan fish.”, “Oh Lord, Olessia just snapped her leash and scraped her foot all over the reef.”

Gossip is the potent force that binds and consolidates us. This tittle-tattle tactic is often undermined and underrated due to its low status as a mindless pursuit. But gossip is our double bladed sword. Our hallowed gum. We salute gossip as the clipped angel it is. Furthermore we celebrate the classless, apolitical gesture of gossip. You gossip, they gossip, we all gossip.

St Tropez, much like Xanadu is a real life mystery, an idyllic place… yet not for most of us. Cut off from trouble the annointed rich can seem out of reach and pointless. Who are these minted people that we hate yet aspire to emulate? Just like the lucky surfer who effortlessly paddles through and snags all the best breaks, these untouchables have still one thing in common with all of us… You guessed it. G.o.s.s.i.p.

Surf Philosophies conflate these two ideas into one cohesive logical packet. St Tropez Gossip is our reminder that you ain’t alone. You ain’t so different and you definitely ain’t any better than anyone else. So enjoy this platter of stories, opinions and local news… and remember, snaking your fellow surfers is just gonna make you look like a real kook.