Premiere: Blamhaus – Broken (B-haus007)

Blamhaus returns with B-haus007, a two track EP that is firmly targeted at the dancefloor. From the jump “Caustic” is looking to bring fire to the dance. Blending a big funky bassline and crisp synths, this incessant tune is looking to make you feel its weight. This is one track that is gonna burn through the dancefloor.

The jerky melodic polyrhythms of “Broken” may bring an off kilter vibe but it is focused on making people move. Bouncey drums underpin a hefty bassline while syncopated snyths weave and glide. A glistening arpeggiator floats on top adding another dimension to this layered track. This is club music which is immediate but has more to it than meets the eye.

With B-haus007 Blamhaus continues to progress and evolution his sound whilst firmly keeping his eye focused on the dancefloor.

#TracksOfTheMonth on TOP 50 Techno #DubiksMusicCharts

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