Watch: WhoMadeWho (live) – Mayan Warrior – Burning Man 2019

WhoMadeWho ‘s legendary live performance from this year’s Mayan Warrior art-car at Burning Man is finally online on the band’s YouTube
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On WhoMadeWho’s words:
Back in 2018, we came to Burning Man for the first time and we were instantly captivated by the endless and wild impressions of the desert, the art, the music, and above all: the people. It was the same year that, due to a lucky coincidence, we were invited to play a late-night set at Mayan Warrior. Within moments, we fell in love with the art-car and all people surrounding it. We had a kind of musical epiphany there. So when we were formally invited to come back this year, playing a Thursday sunset concert, we didn’t even have to think for a second. We were all hyped like crazy while at the same time feeling very humble about it. Visiting and playing at Burning Man, especially at this esteemed art-car, is something that really stood out in our lives so far. We will cherish this memory forever. It was second time we played our hybrid live-set, but definitely not the last.