Premiere: Ancestralis – The First Flight Of The Young Seagull(Wout Records)

The First Flight Of The Young Seagull, from “Archeosophy Of Me” by Ancestralis, out 24 April on Wout Records.
Once in a while we hear artists whose music expresses strong thoughts and experiences; Ancestralis and his new “Archeosophy Of Me” EP are no exception. A dystopian suggestion of three different aspects of archaeosophy, the science of principles, that affect every human being. Three different moments in the life of each one in which the term birth gives way to the concept of growth. “The First Flight Of The Young Seagull” who a little out of fear and a little out of respect for the sea makes its first flight, and with the help of another, more experienced seagull, it manages to let go and free its wings in the wind. “Nucleic Acid Triplet”, the helical development of the DNA triplet, which characterizes the proper functioning of every human organism. “Le Petit Cri”, the first cry of a child, describes the transition from the protective state offered by the maternal womb to the dangers and fascination of the real world. The artist combines three aspects of the transition from the initial state, to a more conscious and mature state.

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