Flore announces second album Rituals on POLAAR, Listen “Coded Language”

Rituals, Flore ’s second album, is the map of a new continent and worrisome dark lands inhabited by primal energy. 10 musical pieces, 10 clues shaping a musical territory where nothing is given, where everything has to be conquered. From ‘Aether’ to ‘You Were Here’, Rituals explores multiple facets of electronic music crafted with meticulosity. It seems here that every step of Flore’s journey to this second album, every influence, every idea, every reference is digested, understood, reinterpreted and feeds into new shapes, layers of textures, indented rhythmics, and menacing bass lines.

Rituals is a sharp piece of work by Flore, the accumulation of 20 years of work, experiments, encounters, and curiosity, all knitted together in these 10 pieces of music. This album is the outcome of 5 years of work launched with the eponym audio/visual live performance and prolongated by 3 EP ’s released on POLAAR. Rituals, even if dark in its essence, transpires with savage energy, and opens doors to new musical landscapes, constantly oscillating between interrupted daydreaming and furious dancing. Altogether, Rituals draws the portrait of a threatened universe healing in collective sarabands.

Track List:
01. Aether
02. Coded Language
03. Evidence
04. Rituals
05. Numen
06. Psykhé Part 3
07. Sigui So
08. Thousand Years
09. Congos
10. You Were Here