Electronic ConnectFM 26

The latest episode of Electronic ConnectFM 26 edition is available now to stream via Soundcloud, Mixcloud, and Spotify.

This episode features the best new Tracks and Remixes from:
Adrian Quesada, Kadhja Bonet, Young Fathers, Tiawa, Tukan, Toada, Si Tew, Artist Code 4E494C, Dub Phizix, Kosmo Sound, Conic Rose, Theressia, Bantu Spaceship, aus, great area, Biggabush, Etyen, Fighting Irish, Urbs, ZG, Aurora Dee Raynes, El-B, Dom Apes, Toez ,T. Nguyen, TON 618, RIKAAR, WheelUP & Abacus

Radio Mix as Played on ConnectFM, the non-vocal version
Curated by Doogie


Kadhja Bonet – California Holiday [Ninja Tune]
Tiawa – Be Fine [Tru Thoughts]
Gregoire Jokic – Seven Seas[Gregoire Jokic]

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Si Tew – An Apology (Radio Mix) [Atjazz Record Company]
Artist Code 4E494C – For Gwen [Cod3 QR]
Dub Phizix – Whispers [SenkaSonic]
Tukan – Beluga [MAGMA/NEWS]
Kosmo Sound – Ototoxic [Zephyrus Records]
Adrian Quesada – DG on the Keys [ATO Records]
Conic Rose – Gleisdreieck [Conic Rose]
Theressia – Forget [Cosmism Records]
Bantu Spaceship – Don’t Break [Nyami Nyami Records]
aus – until then それまで [all my thoughts]
Toada – Vitamina D [Plūma]
great area – everytime [Relaxin Records]
Biggabush – This River feat. Jackie Walters (Sentinel 793 Remix) [Tru Thoughts]
Etyen – Frost [Thawra Records]
Fighting Irish – Nothing is real (Original Mix)[Nice & Nasty records]
Urbs – Levitation [Compost Records]
ZG – Aura [Scissor And Thread]
WheelUP & Abacus – Infinity [Tru Thoughts]
Aurora Dee Raynes – Crazy That You Love (El-B Remix) [Tru Thoughts]
Dom Apes – Inside of Rhythms [Diffuse Reality Records]
Toez – Summer Runner [Flight Pattern Records]
T. Nguyen – No Wear [Outofprint recordings]

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Young Fathers – Tell Somebody [Ninja Tune]
TON 618 – Deep Space Field [M87 records]
RIKAAR – Twelve Stars Shining [Triplicate Records]


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Photo/Cover: Vishnu Mohanan

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