Premiere: Amirali Shakoori – Hiraeth (Wout Records)

Amirali Shakoori accelerates us on a profound electronic journey and leaves everyday life behind. His next production features a brilliant new EP called “Ivory” and enters the Wout Records catalogue as number 81.
The title track recalls the beginnings of electronic music with its soft synthesizer sounds and long pads; all in a dark curtain. The compositional structure ranks around a powerful vocoder loop, driven by a straight kick and no frills drums. Although there is a wide range of sounds, each element has been given its own place. Track two entitled “Hiraeth” follows on seamlessly. A massive, somber atmosphere rises up here as well created by minor keys and unison synths. This track is enriched with seductive energy, delivering a complex-forward stomping groove that fits in any situation. The complete composition has a dynamic feeling and a high number of surprise moments, with a growing progression and rich arrangements.

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