Premiere: FromVostk – Solaris (Wout Records)

Solaris, from Dune EP, out now on Wout Records

The 4 tracker is characterized by a dense sound spectrum; everything has been carefully designed and produced down to the smallest detail. “Start Walkin’” features a jazzy drum loop and the use of saxophone samples, which creates a gripping groove. The title track “Dune” is comparatively more powerful with a distorted bassline and a dominating kick. In the background, percussive elements tumble along with repeatedly emerging guitar melodies.

In “Solaris”, space dominates the foreground. FromVostòk uses very long reverbs to create a wandering sound scenery. Different organic instruments play the core theme of this electronic composition. “Discovery” is the culmination of the EP. The producer again applies a number of classic instruments, which are very beneficial for the current sound of electronic music. Worth mentioning is the organ, which rises in the resting phase of the track. On the whole, the release is outstanding.

1 FromVostòk – Start Walkin’
2 FromVostòk – Dune
3 FromVostòk – Solaris
4 FromVostòk – Discovery

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